Testimonials from Casino Massage Services Affiliates and Players

Scott Poole, Poker Director at Gulfstream Park

"It's been a fantastic partnership.  I can confidently recommend CMS Pokersagge to any casino."

Mike Smith, Poker Director at MD Live Casino

"I've used CMS for over 10 years.  The partnership has been extremely easy with zero issues.  They have always hired a very quality staff."

Steve Timman, Poker Player

"Best company in the business.  Their therapists are phenomenal!"

Tanya Seiler, CMS LMT Manager

"The professionalism of the CMS leadership inspires me to excel as a massage therapist and representative of the CMS brand."

Kobe Ribak, Professional Poker Player

"I've been using CMS services for the last 6 years.  Their massage therapists are absolutely incredible.  I would highly recommend them."